Our Team

We are a team of students passionate about closing the gender gap in the fields of economics, finance, and politics.

Katelyn Cai: Co-Founder and Co-President

Katelyn Cai is passionate about women's rights, politics, and speech and debate. In her free time, you can catch her reading the news or running with her puppy Stella!

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Neha Basu: Co-Founder and Co-President

Neha enjoys competing in economics challenges and started Invest in Her to make the field of economics more inclusive for everyone. In her free time, she loves drinking coffee and working out.

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Micah Shin: Operations Coordinator

Micah Shin is interested in finance, management, and intersectional feminism. She enjoys playing lacrosse and the piccolo in her free time.

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Janvi Srivastava: Instructor and Social Media Manager

Janvi loves economics and runs her school's Economics and Finance Club, where she competes in economics tournaments. She loves all things neuroscience and plays the violin in her free time.

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Meenal Srivastava: Graphic Designer and Volunteer Coordinator

Meenal Srivastava loves competing in Academic Decathlon tournaments and conducting medical research. In her free time, she writes science fiction short stories, rides her skateboard, and plays the violin.

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